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Calix Lighting is a British design brand, Founded in 2012 with an Innovative approach to lighting and LED technology. Calix, the best lighting company has been creating decorative lighting for residential and commercial customers that features with innovative products with astounding variety. The contemporary lighting designs that come from Calix are conceptual, more about eliciting emotional response than simply providing illumination.

Each Product may be simple, but the creation process, composition and height from the ceiling and distance from other pieces all make up what becomes a one-of- a-kind installation piece that truly inhabits a space. Calix is also highly concerned with the environment, making their Products out of recycled Material and presenting all their products in recycled and recyclable Packaging.

Calix, one of the best Lighting company in Qatar has expanded the scope of its Quality Management System (QMS) activities to include all company operations, from light fixture design, development and manufacturing. This QMS is used at all company facilities (including sales offices) to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

best lighting company | about

We look forward in the future to making an even greater contribution to society by helping provide comfortable communities, a clean and healthy environment, and a pleasant living environment through the sale of light fixtures, home furnishings, and storage furniture systems. In every phase of this effort, we will work aggressively to limit the use of electrical power and resources in light fixture development while practicing fine-grained, thorough quality control.

The Calix Design Team works on projects around the world, however large or small. Whether you are looking to light a contemporary home or a commercial property with period features, looking to refurbish your current house or build a new one, our design service can transform your project.

With Dynamic scope on innovation and energy saving in lighting and product design, Calix is widely recognised as being at the forefront of lighting design and development in the United Kingdom.

We are proud that our lights are designed in-house and that we support British manufacturing.

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Deliver competitive and sustainable Lighting solutions for customers by developing, and exploring for Innovative Technology.

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To be the best Lighting company in the world in terms of Quality, Quantity and Innovation. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping our core values top of mind.

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